Collection and Reporting of Data on the Multiracial Population

Presenters: Jacqueline Lucas, Health Statistician/Epidemiologist, National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), and Neil Ruiz, Associate Director of Global Migration and Demography, Pew Research Center
As more surveys and other health data sources want to allow respondents to identify with the multiple races that reflect their identity, data managers are working on the strategies for developing the best question wording, tabulation methods, and dissemination strategies to most accurately reflect the population. Neil Ruiz will discuss trends in capturing multiracial identity and the implications for researchers. Jacqueline Lucas will share trends in federal health surveys, such as the National Health Interview Survey, and how data is processed, and how researchers can access racial/ethnic data in public use files as well as a federal Research Data Center (RDC) locations.

US Map Outline
US Map Outline

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