Promoting Local Level Population Health Data in the United States

The National Network of Health Surveys (Network) is  for survey leaders, data users, policy makers and advocates who understand the importance of quality local level population health data to all areas of public health. The Network focuses on three main goals:

  • supporting quality state and local population health surveys
  • promoting the use of the data
  • harmonizing survey content to promote comparability

The Network will identify and provide resources to survey leaders at all stages of project development; facilitate networking and discussion among survey leaders and data users; and promote the availability, utility and use of the data among diverse constituencies. These goals will be best achieved through active and engaged membership in the Network.

Currently, Network membership is free and requires only expressing interest and signing up for communications. Network staff is limited and activity will rely heavily on volunteers from among the membership. Funding opportunities to support the work of the Network are currently being explored .

Addressing Health Equity through Data Disaggregation

Health survey data is integral to exposing gaps in health care and access for underserved and vulnerable populations, and for monitoring programs and policies designed to address the gaps. Network members and their constituencies are improving the collection, processing and reporting of disaggregated racial/ethnic data to address health disparities and improve health equity and outcomes.

Building on actionable recommendations from national reports, the Network will support projects across the country that align the recommendations with their local contexts and create outreach programs to key constituencies instrumental in addressing health disparities. Activities will include:

  • technical assistance workshops in data collection, processing and dissemination
  • publicity of disaggregated data and strategies to increase use among key constituencies
  • promotion of the value of racially and ethnically disaggregated data for use in policy development

Select projects will also be supported by a small grants program designed to identify effective strategies to impact change in the practices of collection and use of racially and ethnically disaggregated health data.

This data disaggregation work will support groups across the country working to promote health equity. Visit the Upcoming Events page for key dates.